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  • All industries
  • A. Agriculture, hunting and forestry
  • B. Fishing, fish farming
  • C. Mining and quarrying
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    • CA. Fuel and energy minerals extraction
    • CB. Extraction of minerals, except of fuel and energy ones
  • D. Manufacturing
    • Select all
    • DA. Food, beverages and tobacco manufacture
    • DB. Textile and clothing manufacture
    • DC. Leather, leather products and footwear manufacture
    • DD. Wood and wood products manufacture
    • DE. Pulp and paper industry; publishing and printing
    • DF. Coke, refined petroleum and nuclear materials manufacture
    • DG. Chemical manufacture
    • DH. Rubber and plastic products manufacture
    • DI. Other non-metallic mineral products manufacture
    • DJ. Metallurgical production and finished metal products manufacture
    • DK. Machinery and equipment manufacture
    • DL. Electrical and optical equipment manufacture
    • DM. Vehicles and equipment manufacture
    • DN. Other manufacturing
  • E. Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water
  • F. Construction
  • G. Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles, household goods and goods for personal use
  • H. Hotels and restaurants
  • I. Transport and communications
  • J. Financial activities
  • K. Real estate operations, renting and services
  • L. Public administration and defense; social insurance
  • M. Education
  • N. Public health and social services
  • O. Providing other public, social and personal services
  • P. Household activities
  • Q. Activities of extraterritorial organizations

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