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31 Thousand Projects Applied for #WeAreTogether 2022 International Award

29 June 2022
31 тысяча проектов: завершился прием заявок на Международную премию #МЫВМЕСТЕ – 2022

The #WeAreTogether International Award received over 31 thousand applications from all regions of Russia. Most initiatives originated in Moscow, Moscow Region, Krasnodar Territory, Rostov Region, and St. Petersburg. 


The application process for the new season of the #WeAreTogether International Award started on 16 March 2022. The award aims to support social initiatives that help people and improve quality of life. Projects can be submitted under nine nominations that cover all areas of life.  This year, the grant fund has RUB 90 million. The prize is awarded by the Russian President. The Roscongress Foundation is the partner of the Award. 

“This year, we have received 20% more applications than last year. These results prove that there is a demand for charitable and volunteer projects in our society. Sociologists confirm that there is a growth in the number of volunteers in our country, while businesses have expanded their social programmes despite the crisis. Applicants include large companies, renowned media and socially oriented non-profit organizations. Over 2 thousand projects that will be selected at the regional stage will get prizes from governors, as well as social recognition and support. The semi-final and the final await. The latter one will take place in December at the #WeAreTogether International Award. This event will celebrate the social change leaders – those who develop Russia and build partnerships to resolve problems and make people’s life better,” said Artem Metelev, Chairman of the Committee of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on Youth Policy; Head of the Platform DOBRO.RF. 

Participants in the Award are non-profit organizations and businesses, as well as volunteers, social authors, journalists and bloggers over 14 years of age. They include over 23 thousand volunteers, 6 thousand non-profit organizations, and 1.9 thousand representatives of socially oriented businesses. 

The oldest participant in this season of the Award is Yury Mirgorod – he is 83 years old.  He submitted his project ‘International natural science research consultations’. He helped young researchers through ResearchGate – answered frequently asked questions, published articles and joined scientific discussions. Yury Mirgorod received over 3.8 notes of acknowledgement from all over the world through ResearchGate.  

The youngest participant is 14-year-old Nikolay Kovalyov. He presented a project called ‘Let’s protect the Yauza river’ in the Big Change nomination. The project is meant to raise awareness of the river contamination and make people environmentally conscious.  

The Big Change nomination has received over 7.5 thousand projects. It had two eligibility criteria – being between 14 to 17 years of age and having a social project. Winners may receive a grant of up to RUB 1 million. 

The second most popular nomination is the Country of Opportunities. It is meant for projects that target talent fulfilment, personal growth, education development, volunteering, science, patriotism, cultural values and traditions, and preserving historical memory, etc. This nomination received 6.8 thousand applications. 

Volunteers and non-profit organizations that help families with three or more children, solo retirees, people with disabilities and disaster-affected persons fall under a special nomination – Helping People. It received over 6 thousand participants. Thus, Manna – a St. Petersburg organization that promotes culture, arts and charity – has submitted its projects called ‘Anna Helps’. For two years, the project’s team has been helping orphanage leavers socialize and find employment. They get to attend special courses where they learn skills for working as photographers, baristas, hosiers and ceramists. Alumni get internships at coffee shops ER.10 and SPECIAL, as well as in the Social Patronage programme. The latter one helps them with groceries, paperwork, provides psychological and legal support and teaches them financial literacy. 

The Territory for Life nomination has attracted over 3.5 thousand projects. Its purpose is to support projects that develop the urban environment and social infrastructure in Russian regions. Other projects eligible for this nomination must target environmental and animal protection. A great example is the environmental awareness projects for school children called ‘Oh, yeah, recycle!’ launched by the No.More.Trash Interregional Public Organization. Its participants hold quizzes, environment awareness classes and interactive exhibitions for children.  

The next popular nomination – only slightly behind – is called the Nation’s Heath (3.3 thousand initiatives). It targets healthcare projects, donorship, sport and healthy lifestyle promotion. 

One of the most exciting nominations of the Award is the Media Project. Authors of socially oriented media projects were eligible to participate. The following types of media content could be submitted for this nomination: article or programme series, an author blog, an opinion piece in media, and a TV programme. The nomination received 2 thousand applications. Thus, this year Doctor Liza’s Fair Hep has presented a documentary Live! Despite War and Death. The film tells about the fund employees working in Donbass. It is a real story of people who abandoned everything to help others. The documentary is meant to raise awareness of the need for humanitarian aid in Donbass. 

The Award has several nominations for businesses, including Social Entrepreneur, Responsible Business and Social Change Leader. They received a total of 2 thousand applications. The first nomination is meant for socially important projects by small and medium businesses that have a status of a social enterprise. Winners may get a grant of up to RUB 3.5 million for developing their initiatives. 

Participants in the Responsible Business nomination implement socially important industry-based projects. EuroChem is among the large companies that applied for the #WeAreTogether International Award. Its affiliate for potash ore mining and processing in Kotelnikovo – EuroChem VolgaKaliy – has submitted its project called ‘Socially Responsibility is Young’ to the Social Change Leader. This nomination was created for organizations’ long-term systemic projects. The above-mentioned programme has launched its own volunteer movement with the company’s young specialists. Now, it is investing in infrastructure, healthcare, education, and culture in Volgograd Region. For example, it organizes events to protect flora and fauna in the vicinity of industrial operations, uses recycled materials and closed cycle technology, and builds houses, dormitories and hotels.   

One of the initiatives that originates in Moscow is a charitable project called Coddy Donate that teaches children with disabilities, children from families with three or more children and orphans programming, design and other digital professions. It was presented by Programming School for Children Coddy under the Social Entrepreneur nomination that was set for small and medium businesses. 

#WeAreTogether with Donbass is a special nomination for the projects and initiatives that will help restore Donbass and improve the quality of life of its residents. Applications for this nomination are accepted until 1 October. 

The international track of the #WeAreTogether International Award started accepting applications on 9 June. It is meant to celebrate people and organizations from all over the world for their contribution in resolving humanitarian problems. Applications are accepted on the official Award website until 15 August 2022. 


For more information about the #WeAreTogether International Award, go to Премия.мывместе.рф.