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Roscongress Building Trust Area Celebrates Innovative Projects and Modern Technology

28 December 2022
«Пространство доверия» Фонда Росконгресс: навстречу новым проектам и технологиям

The Roscongress Foundation continues to create and develop its own social, inclusive, youth, technological and educational projects and initiatives. For the first time in 2022 stands representing Foundation’s projects in the aforementioned areas were set up at SPIEF, Russian Labour Safety Week and the #WeAreTogether International Forum of Civic Participation. The stands promote the idea of Building Trust and all the virtuous projects of the Roscongress Foundation and its partners. In addition, in 2023, it is planned to merge the School Friend, RK Skills, RK Opportunities, KLYUCH.PRO, Country’s Potential and other projects into a single ecosystem and organize their work on a single KLYUCH.PRO information platform.

«The Roscongress Foundation pays a great deal of attention to socially important projects and to projects that aim to work with young people. This year we have managed to take these initiatives to a whole new level, and their importance has been repeatedly confirmed by the attention of official agencies. It is good that business is paying more attention to such projects as well. I am sure that by joining forces we can improve the lives of thousands of people. Simultaneously, young people joining our work can find self-fulfillment, apply their existing skills and acquire new ones,» said Alexander Stuglev, Chairman and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation.

Plans for next year include the launch of a training and internship centre for young professionals at the Roscongress Foundation. This centre will give young professionals the opportunity to gain practical job skills. Additionally, the Foundation will be able to scout new employees from those who have received training, gained practical problem-solving skills and gained relevant work experience.

The School Friend project keeps moving forward. At the moment the project covers 51 regions of the Russian Federation and 2 regions of the Republic of Belarus. Next year it is planned to expand representation to all regions of the country and to include the project in the national programme ’Education’.

Plans for 2023 also include an initiative to develop RK Opportunities, a project that aims to create an inclusive environment in Russia. This is an aggregator of social projects in the field of accessible environment, which will be able to meet the needs of people with disabilities in a one-stop-shop format (urban life, employment, travel planning, legal assistance, etc.). The launch of such a project will contribute to creating a more supportive, adapted and inclusive social infrastructure in Russia, increasing the number of employed persons with disabilities living full lives.

The Roscongress Foundation continues to cooperate with Country’s Potential, an intellectual platform for career guidance testing and effective employment. This project was ranked among the best HR practices in a competition held as part of the Strong Ideas for New Times Forum.

In 2023, it is planned to modernize and improve diagnostic techniques and technologies, increase the number of employers and jobseekers, attract higher education institutions to the platform, develop a vocational guidance module for school and university students, and launch a module on regional employment to reduce labour migration.

The development of the MARMA platform — the official AR service of the Roscongress Foundation, which was presented this year at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, the 2nd International Tiger Conservation Forum, Russian Labour Safety Week, and at the Roscongress Foundation stand at the #WeAreTogether International Forum of Civic Participation. The plan includes development of the platform and launch of B2C projects.

Finally, in 2023, a special training centre is planned to be launched. The centre will provide consulting on teamwork, business process building, employee motivation and training. The centre will be launched as part of the KLUCH.PRO educational project. At the moment, the platform already contains materials and master classes on team-building, management skills, soft- and selfskills. In the future, KLYUCH.PRO is expected to become a base for interaction between schoolchildren, students, universities, colleges and employers as part of the development of a nationwide project to retain young people in the regions.