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Presidential Instructions Following SPIEF 2021 Published

28 June 2021
Опубликован перечень поручений Президента Российской Федерации по итогам ПМЭФ-2021

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin signed the list of instructions following St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021.

Vladimir Putin instructed the Government to extend the soft mortgage programme until 1 July 2022, with a fixed annual rate of up to 7% (for the term of the mortgage) for mortgages up to RUB 3 million. This programme should be made available for Russian citizens purchasing real estate on the new homes market. The soft mortgage programme for families with children now covers families with children born after 1 January 2018. Such families can apply for a mortgage (with a fixed annual rate of up to 6% for the term of the mortgage) for purchasing real estate on the new homes market or refinancing a mortgage of up to RUB 6 million before 31 December 2023. This programme offers mortgages of up to RUB 12 million in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow Region, or Leningrad Region.

Presidential instructions also include measures on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Russian Federation; the development and implementation of a long-term employment programme for young people; the creation of a support system for new investment projects and small and medium-sized businesses, etc.