The government of Amur region has prepared a package of business incentives to support investment activity. Companies, that implement investment projects in Amur region, receive tax benefits. Rate of income tax will be zero for the first five years after the start of new production and ten percent for the next five years.

We would also continue to provide federal government guarantees and refund a portion of investment costs by subsidies.

Amur region will become a part of the Far Eastern network of areas designated for prioritized development with special conditions provided to non-extractive industries, including those targeted at export.

In addition, we continue to reduce administrative barriers — for example by simplifying procedures of obtaining construction permits and connection to the power grid.

We look forward to seeing you in our region!

Governor of Amur region
Oleg Kozhemyako
  • Administrative center


  • Federal district

    Far Eastern

  • Distance to Moscow

    5613 km

    Moscow—Blagoveshchensk — 7 hours 6 minutes

  • Timezone


  • Population

    810.00 million people

    3.20% english speaking population

  • Area of the Region

    361,9 thousand sq km


Economic performance

  • Gross Regional Product

    211 224,40 billion
    ₽ 259 460,10 thousand per person
  • Foreign Direct Investment

    $ 1 004,70 million
    $ 1 240,40 per person
  • Fixed investment

    74,17 million
    ₽ 91 503 per person
  • Unemployment rate

    5,60 %
  • Percentage of profitable companies

    61,60 %
  • Average cost of living

    9 539
  • Average monthly wage

    32 397
Gross Regional Product
GRP per capita
Foreign Direct Investment
Fixed investment
Fixed investment per capita
Unemployment rate
Average monthly wage
Percentage of profitable companies

Geographical location and climate

Largest cities



    220 K people



    67 K people



    56 K people


Border countries

  • China
Sunny days Average annual rainfall
150 600 mm
Average January temperature Average July temperature
-30°С 19°С
Agricultural period Snow cover duration
3.5 months 4 months
Natural area
Mixed forest
Deciduous forest

Natural resources

  • Mineral resources

    300+ tonnes
    700+ tonnes
    Phosphorus pentoxide: 28+ mln tonnes
  • Combustible resources

    Brown coal
    3.6 bn tonnes
    116 mln tonnes
  • Other resources

    Forest resources The total area of forest land is 30.5 million hectares, including forested 22.8 million ha. Total timber reserves are estimated at 1.9 billion m3, including 1.5 billion m3 of conifers.

    Land resources Total area of agricultural land is 2.2 mln ha.


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