Dear Partners,

Nowadays, we actively attract private investors, prepare platforms, and negotiate conditions of concession. The Omsk Region has great potential to successfully carry out projects with private investors; so we, as the regional administration, are eager to work in that direction.

Moreover, a legal framework supporting investors has been already implemented. This groundbreaking system provides a great opportunity not only not only to develop existing business, but also to create new ones. Obviously this system cannot be static; its evolution has to be constant, but predictable.

The instruments for developing investment activity are put in place — e.g. the Omsk Region Development Corporation. Fifty investment platforms with developed engineering and transport infrustructure are already being created on regional and municipal lands.

Local governments are also responsible for the enhancement of business climate. Only this model would permit us to create a friendly investment environment that would not be just a promise, but a real highlight of the Omsk Region.


Governor of Omsk Region
Viktor Nazarov
  • Administrative center


  • Federal district


  • Distance to Moscow

    2239 km

    Moscow—Omsk — 3 hours 20 minutes

  • Timezone


  • Population

    1978.00 million people

    4.00% english speaking population

  • Area of the Region

    141,1 thousand sq km


Economic performance

  • Gross Regional Product

    553 242,70 billion
    ₽ 280 274,80 thousand per person
  • Foreign Direct Investment

    $ 48,20 million
    $ 24,40 per person
  • Fixed investment

    105,79 million
    ₽ 53 535 per person
  • Unemployment rate

    6,70 %
  • Percentage of profitable companies

    73,40 %
  • Average cost of living

    7 253
  • Average monthly wage

    26 205
Gross Regional Product
GRP per capita
Foreign Direct Investment
Fixed investment
Fixed investment per capita
Unemployment rate
Average monthly wage
Percentage of profitable companies

Geographical location and climate

Largest cities



    1167 K people



    28 K people



    27 K people



    24 K people


Border countries

  • Kazakhstan
Sunny days Average annual rainfall
306 381 mm
Average January temperature Average July temperature
-17°С 19°С
Agricultural period Snow cover duration
5.5 months 5 months
Natural area

Natural resources

  • Mineral resources

    2.7 million t
    Bentonite clay — 20 392 thousand tonnes
    Raw brick material — 58111 thousand cub. m
  • Combustible resources

    20 million tonnes
    250 million tonnes
  • Other resources

    Forest resources Forest lands occupy 5.9 million hectares with the total reserve of forest plantations at 623,200,000 cubic metres, and the distribution of forest stands is extremely uneven.
    Operational fund is 310 million cubic meters.


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