What are we doing to improve our investment climate? We created an agency aimed at attracting investment. The Regional Investment Standard, created by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, has passed this procedure. A council for public profile expert advice has been created; moreover, a regional Ombudsman is now working to protect the rights of entrepreneurs.

The removal of administrative barriers is our main objective. Today, we have created a council for the improvement of investment climate, which I personally head. Headed by the governor, federal bodies, such as territorial administrations; regional bodies; and municipal managements, i.e. bodies which give any permit to open a business, are organized.  Thus, the investor can solve the existing issues in one place. Naturally, based on current legislation, this measure has shown its effectiveness in many Russian regions.

We would be happy to see you in the Primorsky Territory.

Governor of Primorsky Territory
Vladimir Miklushevskiy
  • Administrative center


  • Federal district

    Far Eastern

  • Distance to Moscow

    6970 km

    Moscow—Vladivostok — 8 hours 47 minutes

  • Timezone


  • Area of the Region

    164,7 thousand sq km


Geographical location and climate

Largest cities



    600,3 K people



    165 K people



    158,4 K people



    102,5 K people



  • Sea of Japan

Border countries

  • China
  • North Korea
Sunny days Average annual rainfall
310 800 mm
Average January temperature Average July temperature
-17,3°С 19,5°С
Agricultural period Snow cover duration
8 months 6 months
Natural area
Mixed forest
Deciduous forest

Natural resources

  • Mineral resources

    Boron ore
    21,35 mln tonnes
    1,2767 mln tonnes
    119,600 tonnes
  • Combustible resources

    Brown coal
    2,2 billion tonnes
    24 million tonnes
  • Other resources

    Recreational Resources More than 14% of the territory is in a protected natural area, one third of the territory belongs to medical-health areas and resorts. The Primorsky Territory is characterized by a rich biological diversity of species - endemic, relict species, etc.

    Fish Resources In 2013 4,66% of GRP fell in the shares of fishery and fish breeding. The share of this territory in fish yield accounts for about 38% in the Far East , in Russia - about 18%.


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