Yakutia has unique investment opportunities related to the presence of abundant natural resources, a stable social and demographic situation, a high level of education, an economically active population, and a strong economic position in the Far Eastern Federal District.

Our republic is one of the first Russian regions in the Far East developing and approving a long-term strategic document - "The Scheme of Integrated Development of the Productive Forces, Transport and Energy in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) until 2020".

We have created "Investment Promotion Agency of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) to Represent the Republic in the Russian and International Markets". Investors can address the Agency with any questions related to investment activity within the country - from the provision of information for the preparation of business plans to assist after projects are implemented.

In order to simplify interaction with government agencies; ensure the availability of public and municipal services; and reduce the time of  providing these services, we have created a network of multipurpose centers in the territory of republic.

In conclusion, I would like to emphasize again that the increase in investment attractiveness of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) was, is, and will be the top priority of my economic policy. We are ready for open and productive cooperation in our unique region and will do our best to create favorable conditions for business development.

Head of Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Egor Borisov
  • Administrative center


  • Federal district

    Far Eastern

  • Distance to Moscow

    4892 km

    Moscow—Yakutsk — 6 hours 30 minutes

  • Timezone


  • Population

    957.00 million people

    4.20% english speaking population

  • Area of the Region

    3103 thousand sq km


Economic performance

  • Gross Regional Product

    569 131,60 billion
    ₽ 595 830,20 thousand per person
  • Foreign Direct Investment

    $ 227,60 million
    $ 237,80 per person
  • Fixed investment

    202,2 million
    ₽ 211 540 per person
  • Unemployment rate

    7,40 %
  • Percentage of profitable companies

    62,50 %
  • Average cost of living

    13 332
  • Average monthly wage

    51 111
Gross Regional Product
GRP per capita
Foreign Direct Investment
Fixed investment
Fixed investment per capita
Unemployment rate
Average monthly wage
Percentage of profitable companies

Geographical location and climate

Largest cities



    294 K people



    58 K people



    34 K people



  • Laptev Sea
  • East Siberian Sea
Sunny days Average annual rainfall
24 200 mm
Average January temperature Average July temperature
-37°С 25°С
Agricultural period Snow cover duration
5 months 7 months
Natural area
Mixed forest

Natural resources

  • Mineral resources

    1 billion carats
    483 thousands tons
    200 thousands tons
  • Combustible resources

    2-3 billions tons
    Natural gas
    2 542,7 billion сubic metres
  • Other resources

    Water resources Surface water. The republic has about 500,000 rivers, many of them longer than 10 km. 314 rivers are more than 100 km long.

    Forest resources The total area of ​​forest land - 255,610.8 thousands hectares; forest cover - 46.7%; total stock of standing timber - 8934.1 million cubic meters.


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