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On behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Bashkortostan, we welcome and invite you to cooperate with our republic. Our region possesses considerable potential for deploying new efficient production and realizing investment projects in any direction and on any scale.

The most important railroad, pipeline and highways pass through  the territory of the Republic connecting the European part of the Russian Federation with the Urals and Siberia. The importance of transport for the economy of Bashkortostan is determined not only by its specific geographical position, but also by its high level of development of this industry. Powerful economic and scientific-technical potential gives Bashkortostan great opportunities for the successful development of foreign economic relations with countries near and far. You can find more than 90 countries among Bashkortostan’s trading partners. The Republic of Bashkortostan has a unique combination of significant investment potential and a high level of investment security.It also has a reputation of a conscientious borrower and business partner, confirmed by international rating agencies. For example, Moody's and Standard & Poor's evaluated Bashkortostan on the international scale at Ba1 with the grade "positive" and BB + with the grade "Positive" respectively. Currently, the Republic counts on improving its quality, competitiveness and production efficiency, energy saving, and investment attraction. We have created the most favorable conditions for all categories of investors. Along with the federal legislation some legal acts, which provide preferences and benefits to investors have been adopted.

The political and economic stability of the Republic of Bashkortostan, its rich resources and industrial potential, authority and business relationships have developed over recent years; and a high investment rating has created a favorable foundation for the development of mutually beneficial relations between the Republic of Bashkortostan and other regions and countries.

The President of the Republic of Bashkortostan
Rustem Khamitov
  • Centro administrativo


  • Distrito federal

    Distrito federal Privolzhskiy

  • Distancia hasta Moscú

    1166 km

    Moscú—Ufa — 2 horas 5 minutos

  • Zona horaria


  • Población

    4072.00 millones de personas

    4.20% de la población domina el idioma inglés

  • Superficie de la región

    142,9 mil km2


Índices económicos

  • Producto regional bruto

    1 266 983 billones
    ₽ 311 655,90 miles por habitante
  • Inversiones directas extranjeras

    $ 404,70 millones
    $ 99,40 por habitante
  • Inversiones en activos fijos

    285,52 millones
    ₽ 70 138 por habitante
  • Nivel de desempleo

    5,30 %
  • Proporción de empresas rentables

    76,70 %
  • Average cost of living

    7 234
  • Salario promedio mensual

    24 988
Producto regional bruto
GRP per capita
Inversiones directas extranjeras
Inversiones en activos fijos
Fixed investment per capita
Nivel de desempleo
Salario promedio mensual
Proporción de empresas rentables

Situación geográfica y clima

Ciudades mas importantes



    1106 mil personas



    277 mil personas



    154 mil personas



    123,5 mil personas

Días de sol al año Precipitación promedio anual
277 563 mm
Temperatura promedio de enero Temperatura promedio de julio
-14,1°С 19,3°С
Período de plantación, crecimiento y recolección de la consecha Período
del manto
de nieve
6 meses 5 meses
Zona natural
Bosques mixtos

Recursos naturales

  • Recursos minerales

    400 t
    6062,6 thousand t
    5284,6 thousand t
    78 million t
    Sal de piedra
    2 541 651 thousand t
  • Combustibles fósiles

    314,4 million t
    Gás natural
    65,5 billion m³
    Carbón lignitoso
    252,7 million t
  • Otros recursos

    Recursos de recreación There are 4 nature parks on the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan: "Asly-Kul", "Kandry-Kul", "Iremel", "Muradymovsky gorge". The total area of parks is 125130,5 ha.


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