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The Republic of Crimea is creating favorable conditions for all kinds of investment activity, as well as providing state support for investment projects.

The government's policy in the Republic of Crimea is based on the following principles:

— equality: non-discriminatory approach to all subjects of business and investment activities in the framework of a pre-determined and public system of priorities;

— engagement: participation of the business community in the process  of decision-making and in the assessment of the policy's implementation;

— transparency: making Crimea's governmental data available for the public;

— best practice: taking all the best from other regions' approach to the business and investment community.

Investors in the Republic of Crimea are provided with full and unconditional protection of rights and interests in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and international treaties.


Head of the Republic of Crimea
  • Centro administrativo


  • Distrito federal

    Distrito federal de Crimea

  • Distancia hasta Moscú

    1399 km

    Moscú—Simferopol — 2 horas 23 minutos

  • Zona horaria


  • Población

    1896.00 millones de personas

  • Superficie de la región

    26 mil km2


Índices económicos

  • Inversiones en activos fijos

    26,45 millones
    ₽ 14 034 por habitante
  • Proporción de empresas rentables

    48,60 %
  • Average cost of living

    6 573

Situación geográfica y clima

Ciudades mas importantes



    358 mil personas



    146 mil personas



    121 mil personas



    105 mil personas


el acceso a los mares

  • Mar Negro
  • Mar de Azov

Estados fronterizos

  • Ucrania
Días de sol al año Precipitación promedio anual
270 300 mm
Temperatura promedio de enero Temperatura promedio de julio
0,8°С 22,9°С
Período de plantación, crecimiento y recolección de la consecha Período
del manto
de nieve
8 meses 2 meses
Zona natural
Bosques mixtos
Bosques foliáceos

Recursos naturales

  • Recursos minerales

  • Combustibles fósiles

    47 million tonnes
    Gás natural
    165.3 billion cubic meters
  • Otros recursos

    Recursos agroclimáticos The Crimea is surrounded by the water basin, crossed by a plateau, with gentle slopes in the North and steeper ones in the South (Black Sea coast). The peninsula is thus protected from the north winds.

    Recursos de recreación Sources of mineral and thermal waters, presence of a large number of reserves, therapeutic mud, sanitariums and a growing sector of "green tourism".


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