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Dear partners,

We pursue a lasting policy of supporting investment projects — those creating new manufactures and upgrading existing enterprises. We gladly accept any initiatives and beginnings, that provide for social-economical development of the region, increase business efficiency and boost welfare of citizens.

Various rating agencies put Novosibirsk to the top-30 Russian regions with the biggest investment potential. Investment into equity in 2013 amounted to $5 billion. Thus the region became the 23rd in Russia and the 3rd in Siberian Federal District in termes of attracted investments — after Krasnoyarsk territory and Kemerovo region.

We quickly overcame the crisis of 2008-2009 and in 2011 the region's economy boasted maximum nominal growth rate of investment for the post-crisis period — 21,8%. That shows that our partners trust us and know that doing business in Novosibirsk region is safe and troubleproof.

Governor of Novosibirsk region
Vladimir Gorodetsky
  • Centro administrativo


  • Distrito federal

    Distrito federal de Siberia

  • Distancia hasta Moscú

    2815 km

    Moscú—Novosibirsk — 3 horas 50 minutos

  • Zona horaria


  • Población

    2747.00 millones de personas

    6.30% de la población domina el idioma inglés

  • Superficie de la región

    177,8 mil km2


Índices económicos

  • Producto regional bruto

    821 415,40 billones
    ₽ 301 955,70 miles por habitante
  • Inversiones directas extranjeras

    $ 777,60 millones
    $ 283,10 por habitante
  • Inversiones en activos fijos

    180,04 millones
    ₽ 65 730 por habitante
  • Nivel de desempleo

    5,10 %
  • Proporción de empresas rentables

    67,60 %
  • Average cost of living

    8 945
  • Salario promedio mensual

    27 214
Producto regional bruto
GRP per capita
Inversiones directas extranjeras
Inversiones en activos fijos
Fixed investment per capita
Nivel de desempleo
Salario promedio mensual
Proporción de empresas rentables

Situación geográfica y clima

Ciudades mas importantes



    1567 mil personas



    102,6 mil personas



    57,8 mil personas



    44,7 mil personas

Días de sol al año Precipitación promedio anual
86 425 mm
Temperatura promedio de enero Temperatura promedio de julio
-24°С 22°С
Período de plantación, crecimiento y recolección de la consecha Período
del manto
de nieve
6 meses 6 meses
Zona natural
Bosques mixtos
Bosques foliáceos

Recursos naturales

  • Recursos minerales

    8.5 million cu m
    1.7 million t
    17 t
  • Combustibles fósiles

    43 million t
    Gás natural
    43,85 million m3
  • Otros recursos

    Recursos acuáticos There are significant groundwater resources, thermal and mineral waters. More than half a million cubic meters of water are extracted daily from 9500 boreholes.

    Recursos de bosques The total area of ​​the forest amounts to 4,490,000 ha, including the area of ​​the territory occupied by conifers, which is 977 300 ha (21.76% of all). The total stock of main kinds of timber is estimated to be 278.8 million cubic meters.


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