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Dear Investors!

The Pskov Region is famous for its great history and vast prospects for economic development. It possesses a number of competitive advantages, including a beneficial geographic location on the border with three states – the EU countries Estonia and Latvia and the Republic of Belarus, a member of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Pskov Region is distinguished by its well-developed transportation and engineering infrastructure. The network of roads and railways crossing the region connects it with the following major economic centers: Moscow, St. Petersburg, ports of Russia, and the Baltic states. Moreover, our region has a huge industrial, economic, and scientific potential as well as human resources; and it is considered to be one of the largest traditional cultural centers in Russia.

Our strategic goal is to develop investment processes in these priority-oriented directions: industrial, agricultural, tourist, transport, and logistic sectors of economy 

The regulatory and legal framework of investment activity improves from year to year, remaining targeted towards supporting business focused on investing financial resources into various sectors of the economy. Major investment projects implemented in this region cover such spheres of development as pig breeding, aviculture, compound feed industry, tourism, transport logistics, and many more.

The Pskov Region is ready for perspective cooperation with potential investors!

Governor of Pskov region
Andrey Turchak
  • Centro administrativo


  • Distrito federal

    Distrito federal Severo-Zapadniy

  • Distancia hasta Moscú

    611 km

    Moscú—Pskov — 2 horas

  • Zona horaria


  • Población

    651.00 millones de personas

    3.60% de la población domina el idioma inglés

  • Superficie de la región

    55,4 mil km2


Índices económicos

  • Producto regional bruto

    114 246,50 billones
    ₽ 173 354,50 miles por habitante
  • Inversiones directas extranjeras

    $ 13,80 millones
    $ 21,20 por habitante
  • Inversiones en activos fijos

    29,51 millones
    ₽ 45 134 por habitante
  • Nivel de desempleo

    6,50 %
  • Proporción de empresas rentables

    59,70 %
  • Average cost of living

    8 518
  • Salario promedio mensual

    21 004
Producto regional bruto
GRP per capita
Inversiones directas extranjeras
Inversiones en activos fijos
Fixed investment per capita
Nivel de desempleo
Salario promedio mensual
Proporción de empresas rentables

Situación geográfica y clima

Ciudades mas importantes



    206,7 mil personas


    Velikiye Luki

    96,5 mil personas



    20,6 mil personas



    15,4 mil personas


Estados fronterizos

  • Bielorrusia
  • Estonia
  • Letonia
Días de sol al año Precipitación promedio anual
73 550 mm
Temperatura promedio de enero Temperatura promedio de julio
-7°С 21°С
Período de plantación, crecimiento y recolección de la consecha Período
del manto
de nieve
4 meses 4 meses
Zona natural
Bosques mixtos

Recursos naturales

  • Recursos minerales

    55024 thousand cubic m
    94051 thousand cubic m
    44535 thousand cubic m
  • Combustibles fósiles

    564 million t
  • Otros recursos

    Recursos de bosques Rated wood cutting - 5675,2 thousand cubic m, i.a. 2444,7 cubic m leased out

    Recursos acuáticos 3700 lakes 3261 sq km in area (therefrom Lake Peipus is 2100 sq km in area), upward of 15000 rivers (the central are the Velikaya and the Shelon rivers)


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