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The Tver Region is one of the most attractive investment regions in Russia. Its advantageous geographical location, transportation infrastructure, good human and industrial potential, a strong energy base, beautiful nature and rich history create successful attractive investments in industry, agriculture, transport development, and the social sphere. Today our Verhnevolzhe was declared to implement 90 major investment projects which cost more than 140 billion rubles. Soon, it will give the region more than 20 thousand  modern workplaces; 8000 of them have been already created. Most of these projects are supported by the regional authorities.

The government of the Tver Region is open for cooperation. Information about the land, owners and users, logistics, utilities, social infrastructure, acting tariffs, potential partners and suppliers, assistance in the selection and training of personnel, issues with connecting to networks, the allocation of land, and much more has been done and will be made to investors in the future.

We are waiting for you on the Tverskaya land!

Acting Governor of Tver region
Igor Rudenya
  • Centro administrativo


  • Distrito federal

    Distrito federal central

  • Distancia hasta Moscú

    167 km

  • Zona horaria


  • Población

    1315.00 millones de personas

    3.60% de la población domina el idioma inglés

  • Superficie de la región

    84,2 mil km2


Índices económicos

  • Producto regional bruto

    291 408,10 billones
    ₽ 219 160,70 miles por habitante
  • Inversiones directas extranjeras

    $ 96,50 millones
    $ 73,40 por habitante
  • Inversiones en activos fijos

    74,49 millones
    ₽ 56 426 por habitante
  • Nivel de desempleo

    5,30 %
  • Proporción de empresas rentables

    59,40 %
  • Average cost of living

    8 282
  • Salario promedio mensual

    23 866
Producto regional bruto
GRP per capita
Inversiones directas extranjeras
Inversiones en activos fijos
Fixed investment per capita
Nivel de desempleo
Salario promedio mensual
Proporción de empresas rentables

Situación geográfica y clima

Ciudades mas importantes



    411042 mil personas



    67053 mil personas



    60831 mil personas


    Vishny Volochek

    49391 mil personas

Días de sol al año Precipitación promedio anual
78 636 mm
Temperatura promedio de enero Temperatura promedio de julio
-10°С 23°С
Período de plantación, crecimiento y recolección de la consecha Período
del manto
de nieve
8 meses 5 meses
Zona natural
Bosques mixtos

Recursos naturales

  • Recursos minerales

    718 million cubic meters.
    546.4 million cubic meters.
    159.7 million cubic meters.
  • Combustibles fósiles

    661.9 million cubic meters.
    Carbón lignitoso
    112.5 million cubic meters.
  • Otros recursos

    Recursos de recreación 1043 protected areas of regional significance.

    Recursos acuáticos Rivers and streams - 800 pcs, the total length is 17 thousand .km; Lakes are over 1 hectare - 1769 pcs .; large reservoirs - 8 pcs.


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