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Dear ladies and gentlemen!

Republic of Dagestan - is not only an ancient land of unique culture and rich history, but also one of the most promising regions of the South of Russia. Today the republic is in crisis, but with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, we have developed and are implementing the program of overcoming the crisis.

Dagestan possesses the huge potential provided by large reserves of oil, gas and of building materials, as well as advanced livestock production, viticulture and winemaking. The favorable geographical location, beautiful nature and soft climate of Dagestan help strengthening the economic attractiveness of the region. We are in consistent performance of creating the most comfortable conditions of doing business in the region. Renewing of Dagestan proceeds in different ways, including creation of a favorable legal and tax climate, workforce development and stimulating growth of the domestic market. The Government of the Russian Federation is ready to act as a guarantor of investments in the economy of the Republic of Dagestan.

We are always willing to work in an open and constructive dialogue. Dagestanians are passionate and energetic people, we love and know how to learn. Dagestanians always succeed at work, in school, in sports. The Republic is looking forward and invites those people, who share its expectations and wish to develop new ideas and ambitious projects. Dagestan is profitable to invest to. Here you will find true friends and reliable partners.

Welcome to Dagestan!

President of the Republic of Dagestan
Ramazan Abdulatipov
  • Centre administratif


  • District fédéral

    District fédéral du Caucase du Nord

  • Distance jusqu'à Moscou

    1800 km

    Moscou—Makhatchkala — 2 heures 30 minutes

  • Fuseau horaire


  • Population

    2990.00 un million de personnes

    1.60% de la population maîtrise l'anglais

  • Superficie de la région

    50,3 mille km2


Indicateurs économiques

  • Produit régional brut

    429 510,60 milliards
    ₽ 145 351,70 milliards mille par habitant
  • Volume d’investissements directs étrangers

    $ 11,60 millions
    $ 3,90 par habitant
  • Investissements dans le capital fixe

    211,62 mille roubles
    ₽ 71 083 mille par habitant
  • Niveau de chômage enregistré

    10,20 %
  • Importance relative des entreprises rentables

    64,20 %
  • Average cost of living

    7 453
  • Rémunération mensuelle moyenne

    18 194
Produit régional brut
milliards mille par habitant
Volume d’investissements directs étrangers
Investissements dans le capital fixe
Fixed investment per capita
Niveau de chômage enregistré
Rémunération mensuelle moyenne
Importance relative des entreprises rentables

Situation géographique et climat

Villes principales



    578,33 mille personnes



    135,33 mille personnes



    120,47 mille personnes



    105,11 mille personnes


L'accès à la mer

  • Mer Caspienne

Etats frontaliers

  • Azerbaïdjan
Jours de soleil par an Niveau moyen de précipitations par an
166 371 mm
Température journalière de janvier Température journalière de juillet
1,2°С 24,7°С
Période de plantation, de végétation et de récolte Durée d'enneigement
6 de mois 4 de mois
Zone naturelle
Forêts de feuillus

Ressources naturelles

  • Ressources minérales

    1 million tonnes
  • Ressources minérales combustibles

    10.4 million tonnes
    Gaz naturel
    44 billion m3
  • Autres ressources

    Ressources en eau Rivers in conjunction with the narrow and deep valleys are very promising for the use of hydropower.

    Ressources loisirs 530 km of sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea, 1.2 thousand hectares of therapeutic muds (reserved up to 250 thousand m3), over 300 sources of healing waters of different composition and temperature.


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