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Dear friends!

Kamchatka is a truly unique territory, one of the few places in the world with picturesque scenery and pristine wilderness. The special image of Kamchatka is formed by incredible landscapes, volcanoes, geysers, thermal and mineral sources, glaciers, and snow-covered slopes.

I would like to accentuate that the development of the economy and attraction of investments in the region are the most important areas of focus in this region's policy. We are always open to the possibility of cooperation and ready to assist in realization of all initiatives, ranging from creating favorable conditions for business to joint maintenance of investment projects.

Dear friends, hopefully, this investment portal will inspire you towards new beginnings and trigger new points of growth in economy of the region. I guarantee full support to all the business initiatives in the region, and I assure you the government of Kamchatka will become a reliable partner.

The Kamchatka territory has enormous investment potential. Due to huge deposits of water resources, the region is listed as the main destination for the fishing industry; enormous deposits of minerals serve as a basis for many industries. Distinctive features of this region have created fine opportunities for the development of many kinds of tourism.

Governor of Kamchatka Territory
Vladimir Ilyukhin
  • Centre administratif


  • District fédéral

    District fédéral extrême-oriental

  • Distance jusqu'à Moscou

    6800 km

    Moscou—Petropavlovsk-Kamtchatski — 8 heures 30 minutes

  • Fuseau horaire


  • Population

    317.00 un million de personnes

    7.40% de la population maîtrise l'anglais

  • Superficie de la région

    464,3 mille km2


Indicateurs économiques

  • Produit régional brut

    131 560,60 milliards
    ₽ 410 861,20 milliards mille par habitant
  • Volume d’investissements directs étrangers

    $ 46,90 millions
    $ 147,90 par habitant
  • Investissements dans le capital fixe

    25,2 mille roubles
    ₽ 79 101 mille par habitant
  • Niveau de chômage enregistré

    6,10 %
  • Importance relative des entreprises rentables

    58,70 %
  • Average cost of living

    15 786
  • Rémunération mensuelle moyenne

    53 167
Produit régional brut
milliards mille par habitant
Volume d’investissements directs étrangers
Investissements dans le capital fixe
Fixed investment per capita
Niveau de chômage enregistré
Rémunération mensuelle moyenne
Importance relative des entreprises rentables

Situation géographique et climat

Villes principales



    181,6 mille personnes



    38,9 mille personnes



    21,9 mille personnes


L'accès à la mer

  • Mer de Béring
  • Mer d'Okhotsk
  • Océan Pacifique
Jours de soleil par an Niveau moyen de précipitations par an
40 995 mm
Température journalière de janvier Température journalière de juillet
-13°С 12°С
Période de plantation, de végétation et de récolte Durée d'enneigement
4 de mois 5 de mois
Zone naturelle
Toundra forestière
Forêts mixtes

Ressources naturelles

  • Ressources minérales

    213,6 tonnes
    41,3 thousand tonne
    Platine et MGP
    765,2 kilograms
  • Ressources minérales combustibles

    Gaz naturel
    21895 million m3
    260824 thousand tonnes
  • Autres ressources

    Ressources de poissons 1,7-1,8 million tonnes of sea fish, 150-250 thousand tonnes of Pacific salmon, up to 20 thousand tonnes of crab are annually drawn from the Kamchatka region rivers and seas. The Kamchatka region accounts for 31,7 % of the total catch of the Far East fishery basin and 21,1 % - of the Russian Federation.

    Ressources loisirs 283 mineral water springs (160 termal) are identified in the Kamchatka region. High-mineralization muds of Lake Utiny are estimated at 70,5 thousands m3. The Kamchatka Region has 119 specially protected natural areas occupying 5224,3 thousand hectares or 11,25% of available land.


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