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Dear friends!

Today, the Krasnodar Territory is considered to be one of the most dynamically-developing regions of Russia. It is an area of unique opportunity with the most favorable working climate.

The region has huge potential; its demand confirms an increasing interest towards the realization of large-scale business projects in the Krasnodar Territory.

In the last three years more than 2 trillion rubles ($56 billion) were invested into the region’s economy. Foreign business investments amounted to more than $3 billion.

We are open for effective co-operation; all necessary conditions for beneficial interaction with domestic and foreign investors have been created.

Today, the Krasnodar Territory is ready to offer its potential partners more than 1700 investment suggestions concerning all the spheres of economy. Their area of focus is vast ― ranging from large-scale infrastructure objects, new factories and agricultural enterprises to health resorts and residential property.

Welcome to the Krasnadar Territory! We will be happy to see you as one of our business partners!

Head of Administration (Governor) of Krasnodar Territory
Alexander Tkachev
  • Centre administratif


  • District fédéral

    District fédéral du Sud

  • Distance jusqu'à Moscou

    1345 km

    Moscou—Krasnodar — 1 heure 49 minutes

  • Fuseau horaire


  • Population

    5454.00 un million de personnes

    4.00% de la population maîtrise l'anglais

  • Superficie de la région

    75,5 mille km2


Indicateurs économiques

  • Produit régional brut

    1 617 875,90 milliards
    ₽ 301 436,10 milliards mille par habitant
  • Volume d’investissements directs étrangers

    $ 888,20 millions
    $ 162,90 par habitant
  • Investissements dans le capital fixe

    693,21 mille roubles
    ₽ 127 691 mille par habitant
  • Niveau de chômage enregistré

    5,70 %
  • Importance relative des entreprises rentables

    71 %
  • Average cost of living

    8 027
  • Rémunération mensuelle moyenne

    25 777
Produit régional brut
milliards mille par habitant
Volume d’investissements directs étrangers
Investissements dans le capital fixe
Fixed investment per capita
Niveau de chômage enregistré
Rémunération mensuelle moyenne
Importance relative des entreprises rentables

Situation géographique et climat

Villes principales



    905,6 mille personnes



    470,4 mille personnes



    316,3 mille personnes



    210,3 mille personnes


L'accès à la mer

  • Mer Noire
  • Mer d'Azov

Etats frontaliers

  • Abkhazie
Jours de soleil par an Niveau moyen de précipitations par an
280 735 mm
Température journalière de janvier Température journalière de juillet
0,9°С 24,3°С
Période de plantation, de végétation et de récolte Durée d'enneigement
12 de mois 1 du mois
Zone naturelle
Steppe boisée
Forêts mixtes

Ressources naturelles

  • Ressources minérales

    76 million m3
    200+ million m3
    Sel gemme
    160 million m3
  • Ressources minérales combustibles

    57,7 million tons
    Gaz naturel
    9 million m3
  • Autres ressources

    Ressources forestières Forests cover one-fifth of the Region (22.5%), the total area on 01.01.2012 amounted to 1683.151 hectares.
    Being protected by the state, Kuban forests shall be developed in order to preserve the environmental, water protection, safety, sanitation, recreation and other beneficial functions of forests.

    Ressources en eau In addition to the Azov and Black Seas, the territory has 7751 rivers with a total length of about 29125 km (Kuban river - 870 km), 1090 lakes, 7 large reservoirs and more than 2,000 small reservoirs and ponds.

    Ressources en terres


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