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The team in the regional government has set an ambitious task – to turn the Saratov Region into one of the fastest-developing territories in the Russian Federation. We place our bet on resource and investment development because it requires the involvement of all available resources.

Besides our competitive advantages,we also have great prospects for development.

Dozens of major projects in various fields are executed in the region.  We are ready to discuss and offer mutually-beneficial terms to everyone intending to work and develop business in our region.

The government of Saratov assures optimal conditions for business – granting privileges and preferences to investors, providing the organizational and methodological maintenance of ongoing investment projects, and the introduction of new legal mechanisms for protection of business initiatives.

Thank you for your interest in our region; I invite you for long-term and mutually-beneficial cooperation. I am convinced that the Saratov Region will open up new horizons for your business.

Governor of Saratov region
Valery Radaev
  • Centre administratif


  • District fédéral

    District fédéral de la Volga

  • Distance jusqu'à Moscou

    723 km

    Moscou—Saratov — 1 heure 20 minutes

  • Fuseau horaire


  • Population

    2493.00 un million de personnes

    3.00% de la population maîtrise l'anglais

  • Superficie de la région

    101,2 mille km2


Indicateurs économiques

  • Produit régional brut

    528 676,40 milliards
    ₽ 211 476,60 milliards mille par habitant
  • Volume d’investissements directs étrangers

    $ 170,50 millions
    $ 68,40 par habitant
  • Investissements dans le capital fixe

    132,8 mille roubles
    ₽ 53 233 mille par habitant
  • Niveau de chômage enregistré

    4,60 %
  • Importance relative des entreprises rentables

    67,80 %
  • Average cost of living

    6 932
  • Rémunération mensuelle moyenne

    22 012
Produit régional brut
milliards mille par habitant
Volume d’investissements directs étrangers
Investissements dans le capital fixe
Fixed investment per capita
Niveau de chômage enregistré
Rémunération mensuelle moyenne
Importance relative des entreprises rentables

Situation géographique et climat

Villes principales



    843,5 mille personnes



    221,8 mille personnes



    193,5 mille personnes


Etats frontaliers

  • Kazakhstan
Jours de soleil par an Niveau moyen de précipitations par an
147 462 mm
Température journalière de janvier Température journalière de juillet
-6°С 27°С
Zone naturelle
Steppe boisée

Ressources naturelles

  • Ressources minérales

    204 million cu m
    260 million cu m
    450 million cu m
  • Ressources minérales combustibles

    563 million t
    Schistes bitumineux
    11200 million t
  • Autres ressources

    Ressources loisirs Network of nature reserves in the Saratov Region is represented by 90 unique objects and facilities. One of the most important recreational areas of the Saratov region is the "Khvalynskiy" national park. Forests are one of the most ecologically valuable parts of the Region. There are more than 80 species of plants in the national park and it's home to about 100 species of animals listed in the Red Book of the Saratov region.


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