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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

The Republic of Tyva is one of the most attractive and distinctive regions of Russia.

Its unique geopolitical position, rich forest and water resources; substantial mineral resources; a variety of natural and recreational opportunities; and high scientific, labor, and cultural potential of Tyva allow to occupy a special place in terms of investment attractiveness of the European and Siberian regions of Russia.

The basis for attracting large investment in Tyva and development of foreign economic and interregional connections is through projects related to the development of the deposits of coal, non-ferrous, rare metals, and other minerals. Good prospects and projects for forest products, processing of agricultural products, production of building materials, pristine nature, and unique cultural and historical sites offer excellent opportunities for the development of the tourism industry.

The tremendous economic benefits that can be achieved by implementing projects in Tyva, are able to compensate for any investment risks. Ensuring the protection of property and investment laws, the stability of power, its constructive dialogue with the representatives of big business, socially responsible and active people , a willingness to mutually-beneficial cooperation - these all create success and guarantee the implementation of all projects and initiatives.

We are open to all who come to us with good thoughts and intentions.


Head of the Republic of Tyva
Sholban Kara-ool
  • Centre administratif


  • District fédéral

    District fédéral sibérien

  • Distance jusqu'à Moscou

    3664 km

    Moscou—Kyzyl — 5 heures 30 minutes

  • Fuseau horaire


  • Population

    314.00 un million de personnes

    1.80% de la population maîtrise l'anglais

  • Superficie de la région

    168,6 mille km2


Indicateurs économiques

  • Produit régional brut

    41 749,20 milliards
    ₽ 134 193,80 milliards mille par habitant
  • Volume d’investissements directs étrangers

    $ 124,10 millions
    $ 395,20 par habitant
  • Investissements dans le capital fixe

    16,18 mille roubles
    ₽ 51 737 mille par habitant
  • Niveau de chômage enregistré

    19,10 %
  • Importance relative des entreprises rentables

    63,50 %
  • Average cost of living

    8 624
  • Rémunération mensuelle moyenne

    27 507
Produit régional brut
milliards mille par habitant
Volume d’investissements directs étrangers
Investissements dans le capital fixe
Fixed investment per capita
Niveau de chômage enregistré
Rémunération mensuelle moyenne
Importance relative des entreprises rentables

Situation géographique et climat

Villes principales



    113 mille personnes



    13 mille personnes


Etats frontaliers

  • Mongolie
Jours de soleil par an Niveau moyen de précipitations par an
220 223 mm
Température journalière de janvier Température journalière de juillet
-30°С 25°С
Période de plantation, de végétation et de récolte Durée d'enneigement
5 de mois 4 de mois
Zone naturelle
Déserts arctiques

Ressources naturelles

  • Ressources minérales

    2.5 million t
    1.3 million t
    203 thousand t
  • Ressources minérales combustibles

    3.6 billion t
  • Autres ressources

    Ressources en terres The total area of the Republic is 168.8 thousand km2. The population density - 1.8 persons per 1km2.

    Ressources forestières The total forest area of the Republic is 11 373 thousand hectares (3.06% of the total forest area of the Siberian Federal District), including 7 544 thousand hectares of coniferous forests. The total stock of standing timber is 1 111 million m3.


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