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Compare the conditions of providing support measures in different regions in Russia

Instrument Type

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  • Grants and subsidies
    • Reimbursement of loans
    • Reimbursement for leasing
    • Reimbursement for technological connection
    • Reimbursement of costs associated with product promotion (participation in exhibitions and fairs, advertising production, etc..)
    • Reimbursement of expenses for energy efficiency
    • Reimbursement for innovation
    • Reimbursement for compliance with the mandatory requirements of Russian and international standards
    • Reimbursement for the placement of securities
    • Reimbursement for the project to localize
    • Reimbursement of expenses incurred by enterprises - residents support infrastructure (technology parks, industrial parks, SEZ, etc..)
    • Reimbursement of costs associated with the implementation of projects in the field of social entrepreneurship
    • Reimbursement for the performance of the state and municipal jobs
    • Reimbursement for staff development
    • Reimbursement for the manufacture and sale of certain products
    • Reimbursement for the purchase of supplies
    • Reimbursement for used types of energy (electricity, fuel)
    • Grants to budding entrepreneurs (including the creation of the farm)
    • Reimbursement for the development or modernization of the enterprise (including farming)
    • Reimbursement for the payment of insurance premiums for agricultural insurance contracts
    • Other types of grants and subsidies
  • Loans and borrowings (except for private / commercial organizations)
    • Credits
    • Microloans
    • Loans
  • Investments (equity, shares, etc.)
    • Participation in financing
    • Venture Financing
  • Guarantee for bank loans
    • Guarantee for bank loans
    • Guarantee of bank guarantees
    • Guarantor under finance lease (leasing)
    • The bank guarantee
    • Guarantees for export transactions
  • Contracts for R & D
    • Contracts for R & D
  • Insurance (other than private / commercial organizations)
    • Insurance for export transactions
    • Insurance Investment Projects
    • Credit insurance, guarantees and sureties
  • Leasing
    • Financial leasing
  • Factoring
    • Factoring services
  • Tax incentives and benefits for other mandatory payments
    • Tax breaks on property of legal entities
    • Tax benefits on the ground
    • Benefits deductions payroll
    • Exemptions from income tax
    • Benefits for transportation tax
    • Other tax and non-tax incentives
  • Property support
    • Business incubators, including innovative
    • Technopark
    • Community access centers for equipment
    • Coworking centers
    • Selection of land
    • Discounted rental properties
    • Counseling and information


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Recipient Type

Recipient Type Hint
  • Budding entrepreneur

  • Young entrepreneur

  • Social entrepreneur

  • Ongoing business

  • Exporter

  • Innovator

  • Investor

Recipient Category

Recipient Category Hint
  • Legal entity

  • Individual entrepreneur

  • Farm

Business Term

  • Not establshed yet

  • Less than 1 year

  • From 1 to 2 years

  • From 2 to 3 years

  • More than 3 years

Business Size

  • Microenterprise

    Microenterprise description

  • Small business

    Small business description

  • Medium enterprise

    Medium enterprise description

  • Large enterprise

    Large enterprise description


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