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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Today, the Kirov region is striving to attract investments, strengthen its industrial sector and social sphere.

Our region possesses deposits of raw mineral resources and demonstrates high industrial and scientific capacity. It has a highly skilled workforce and a well-developed communication system. 

The most important resources for the region’s economy are wood, phosphate, peat, mineral water, and curative mud.

One of the main points of growth in our region is our timber-processing complex. The quality of resource base of Vyatka woods allows us to create and expand industries oriented on deep processing timber. The region’s administration regards the attraction of investments for the development of the timber-processing complex as the area of prime importance and is ready to render assistance in establishment of new industries and introduction of improved technology in processing wood.

The second prospective direction which we focus on is agriculture. Agricultural enterprises of the Kirov region produce ecologically friendly products, which correspond in many respects to international standards. The region’s government offers substantial support to agricultural producers, accentuating on such aspects as the modernization of agricultural production, technical re-equipment of industry and the development of processing enterprises.

The third direction is the production of construction materials. A whole range of big investment projects is implemented in the region under the local government supervision.

Also, peat and phosphate mining are promising.

A distinctive characteristic of this region is a high level of education and a skilled workforce comprised of engineering personnel.

There is a huge complex of scientific and design institutes, research and production enterprises, and associations in this region, which creates prerequisites for the creation of biotechnology cluster.

We consider the development of small businesses a particularly important direction. In recent years the number of small enterprises has increased in several times, partly due to the plan “The Development of Small Business in the Kirov Region”. This framework defines the principles of support of small businesses.

The region’s administration is taking measures to create congenial investment climate and increase investment attractiveness. In order to attract investments, we are consistently implementing a state investment policy, the major element of which is formation of the standard and legal base that would set preferences to investors and create favorable conditions of implementation of investment activity in the Kirov region. We are ready to assist both Russian and foreign investors who are motivated in establishing strong relations, signing long-term contracts, and acquiring new worthy partners.

Governor of Kirov Region
Nikita Belykh
  • 中心都市


  • 連邦管区


  • モスクワまでの距離

    792 キロ

    モスクワ市—キーロフ — 2 時間 10 分

  • 時間帯


  • 面積

    120,4 千平方キロメートル






    496,98 千人



    74,13 千人



    33,33 千人


    Vyatskie Polyany

    33,05 千人

年間の晴れの日 年間降水量
73 650 ミリ
1月 7月の最高気温
-15°С 18°С
種まき、生育、収穫時期 積雪期間
5 か月 5 か月


  • ミネラル資源

    2 billion tonnes
    203,7 million m3
    248,2 million m3
  • 化石燃料

    378,3 million tonnes
    22 million tonnes
  • その他の資源

    森林資源 1.2 billion m3

    観光資源 365 thousand hectares of natural reserves


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