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  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research

    専門 : Fundamental studies of the structure of matter in the fields of nuclear physics, elementary particle physics and condensed matter physics. Development of new technologies, nuclear-physics in medicine, biology, materials science, ecology and other fields of science and technology.

    街: Dubna

    従業員の総数 : 4500 人

  • Institute of High Energy Physics

    専門 : Fundamental studies of the structure of matter and the fundamental forces of nature, applied use of new developments and technologies.

    街: Protvino

    従業員の総数 : 1890 人

  • Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

    専門 : Fundamental and applied research and development in the aerospace, energy and environmental industries.

    街: Zhukovsky

    従業員の総数 : 3880 人


    Scientific & Research Institute of Natural Gases and Gas Technologies — Gazprom VNIIGAZ

    専門 : Development and improvement of gas technologies, study of the properties of hydrocarbons.

    街: Leninsky district, Razvilka village

    従業員の総数 : 2110 人

  • Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics

    専門 : Combustion and explosion. State of matter under extreme conditions. Modern problems of chemistry of materials, including nanomaterials. Chemical aspects of energy. Scientific bases of new chemical-technological processes. Chemical pharmacological problem of creating a new generation of active ingredients.

    街: Chernogolovka

    従業員の総数 : 1100 人


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