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Saint Petersburg is one of the most actively developing regions in Russia. It has an enormous investment potential. The main advantages of Saint Petersburg are its profitable geopolitical position, its developed and diversified economy, and its efficient transportation network. Furthermore, the professional personnel and intellectual resources of the city attract foreign investors. These are valuable resources for making the innovations and industry development.

Located on the shore of the Baltic Sea, Saint Petersburg is contiguous with countries of the European Union. Among European cities Saint Petersburg occupies the third position in terms of the population (5 million people) and comes right after Moscow and London. 

Saint Petersburg is one of the most important economic centres of the Russian Federation. Various international companies operate in Saint‑Petersburg such as Coca‑Cola, PepsiCo, Wrigley, Kraft Jacobs, Gillette, Bosch und Siemens Hausgerate GmbH, Knauf, Lucent Technologies, Sungwoo Hitech, Foxconn, Alcan Packaging, OTIS, British American Tobacco, Toyota, General Motors, Nissan, Hyundai, Scania and many others.

Moreover, a number of widely‑known industrial brands from Saint Petersburg operate on the international markets. Among those are Kirovsky Zavod; The Izhorskie Plants; the Joint Stock Company “Power Machines”; as well as enterprises for military and civil shipbuilding: The Northern Shipyard, the Baltic Plant, and the Admiralty Shipyards.

Such Russian both state and private companies as the navigation company “Sovkomflot”, oil company “Gazprom Neft”, the largest petrochemical holding in Russia “Sibur Holding”, the mining company “Polymetall”, the power‑machine building company “Power Machines”, and the most important Russian brewery company “Baltica”, together with many others, have their headquarters in Saint Petersburg.

Furthermore, Saint Petersburg is one of the most important transport centers and is located on the intersection of the transport routes connecting Scandinavia and Europe as well as central regions of Russia and the countries of the Baltics. One of the largest ports of the Russian Federation, the seaport of Saint Petersburg, processes 65% of the entire exports of the country. Saint Petersburg “Pulkovo Airport” makes it possible to get to European countries in less than 2.5 hours.

Saint Petersburg has been included in the list of the world heritage sites of UNESCO, and is an important European center of tourism. Each year more than 5 million tourists visit Saint Petersburg.

Governor of Saint Petersburg
Georgiy Poltavchenko
  • 中心都市


  • 連邦管区


  • モスクワまでの距離

    696 キロ

    モスクワ市—サンクトペテルブルク — 1 時間 10 分

  • 時間帯


  • 人口

    5192.00 万人


  • 面積

    1,4 千平方キロメートル



  • 地方内総生産

    2 496 549,10 十億
    ₽ 491 449,50(一人あたり)
  • 外国の直接投資規模

    $ 7 912,10 百万
    $ 1 523,90(一人あたり)
  • 固定資本への投資

    502,62 千ルーブル
    ₽ 97 372 (一人あたり)
  • 公式失業率

    1,40 %
  • 成功した企業の割合

    70,20 %
  • Average cost of living

    8 479
  • 月あたりの平均給与

    40 697
GRP per capita
Fixed investment per capita




    Saint Petersburg

    5131 千人



  • バルト海


  • フィンランド
年間の晴れの日 年間降水量
72 625 ミリ
1月 7月の最高気温
-4,6°С 22,1°С
種まき、生育、収穫時期 積雪期間
5 か月 3 か月


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