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Dear Colleagues,

Eight years ago, when we had just started to work together, the economy of the region was, to put it mildly, disappointing. The average salary level was slightly above the subsistence level, the most basic enterprises worked at 30-40 % of their capacity, and their employees had administrative leaves for six months. Business in the region was in its infancy, represented mainly by trade.

We were all very mindful at the time. Then we, were faced with a very difficult choice: to leave things as they are, or to become a leading region. We chose the second path: the more difficult, but also the more significant.

Walking along this difficult road, we gradually, by trial and error, stated our own formula of success: the eight "I"'s.

At first there was only one "I" – INVESTMENT. The regional government has set a goal  to diversify the region's economy; and as a primary instrument, it was determined to attract foreign investment. {more} Now according to the level of investment development, we occupy a leading position in Russia. However, at the same time it became clear that in order to attract investors, we needed to develop modern infrastructure.

So the second "I" appeared – INFRASTRUCTURE. We have formed competitive territorial-industrial clusters. In particular, this applies to the aviation, automotive and nuclear innovation cluster. Today we have been creating new cluster development centres - a cluster of creative industries and an information technologies cluster. The development of infrastructure of industrial zones, special economic zone, nuclear innovation centre, nanocentre, industrial parks, and business incubators is continuing. The formation of a port special economic zone has stepped into the active phase this year. However, it was not enough. In order to reduce the gap between the leading regions, innovative development was required.

The third "I" is INNOVATION. This is our readiness to develop and implement advanced technologies and experience; we set a goal to become a region that uses the world's most advanced knowledge. It became obvious that innovation is impossible without the development of human capital, i.e. intellect.

The fourth "I" is INTELLECT. The priority of our policy is the development of human capital. It is connected with the formation of the region's creative environmen, which allows us to manifest and realize our talents.

And again it was not enough. The fifth "I" is INTERNATIONALIZATION. In a global economy it is impossible to become one of the leading regions without developing cooperation at the international level and without incorporating into the international system of labour division. We should become open as much as possible both to our own and to our foreign partners; and as a result, become successful in foreign markets.

And it entails INTEGRATION - the sixth “I”. We understand it as a positive inclusion into all international processes not only in the economic sphere, but also in culture and social relations.

The most important condition for the success is a high level of support of our initiatives by the residents of the Ulyanovsk Region. It can be achieved only through a system of open work of governmental authorities. We seek to engage citizens in working together in a joint decision-making process. We provide them with the opportunity to control activities of the authorities, so there is the seventh “I” - INTERACTION.

In 2013, we added one more “I” – INTENSIFICATION. In improving the business environment and investment climate, which is already recognized at the official level, our leadership may be saved only if we are able to ensure the rapid development of all the above-mentioned “I`s”.

We have come a very long way over these years. Today in our territory we have the most modern and the most effective liberal investment laws, which allow investors to receive state support measures not less attractive than in the federal special economic zones.

We managed to create one of the most efficient industrial parks in Russia – Zavolzhie Industrial Area. In addition, we have also been granted the right to establish the country's only airport zone in our region The right to establish the country's only airport area has also been granted to our region.

We are one of the three regions in the territory where two high-tech clusters are being developed simultaneously: the aviation and the nuclear innovative clusters.

As a result of our work today, the Ulyanovsk Region is the region with the most favourable business and investment climate. And this is not only our opinion, but also the opinion of the world's leading rating agencies, such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Governor of Ulyanovsk region
Sergey Morozov
  • 中心都市


  • 連邦管区


  • モスクワまでの距離

    706 キロ

    モスクワ市—ウリヤノフスク — 1 時間 30 分

  • 時間帯


  • 人口

    1262.00 万人


  • 面積

    37,2 千平方キロメートル



  • 地方内総生産

    260 340,60 十億
    ₽ 204 827,50(一人あたり)
  • 外国の直接投資規模

    $ 218,50 百万
    $ 173,10(一人あたり)
  • 固定資本への投資

    82,17 千ルーブル
    ₽ 64 952 (一人あたり)
  • 公式失業率

    4,80 %
  • 成功した企業の割合

    60,70 %
  • Average cost of living

    7 298
  • 月あたりの平均給与

    21 272
GRP per capita
Fixed investment per capita





    615 千人



    120 千人



    18,8 千人

年間の晴れの日 年間降水量
178 470 ミリ
1月 7月の最高気温
-13°С 19°С
種まき、生育、収穫時期 積雪期間
6 か月 2 か月


  • ミネラル資源

    380 million tonnes
    300 thousand tonnes
    500 thousand tonnes
  • 化石燃料

    42 million tonnes
    332 million tonnes
  • その他の資源

    森林資源 Occupy a quarter of the region



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