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Ladies and gentlemen!

Chelyabinsk region is one of largest regions of Russia that are economically well-developed. It possesses a considerable potential in production, labor and science, various resources base developed infrastructure. Today it is on its' way of social and economic upturn that has to be reached through the effective investment policy of the region. 

Chelyabinsk region is considered as one of the leaders in terms of the shipped goods of processing production volume, as well as the volume of investments into the fixed capital and the attracted foreign investments. The ferrous metallurgy enterprises make up 25% of all the Russian output and about 10% of steel pipes.

Other large industries are the mechanical engineering and non-ferrous metallurgy. The volume of these two is around 40% of a gross regional product of the whole area.

The area possesses richest deposits of natural resources:  more than 300 mineral deposits, many of which can’t be found anywhere else. We have a lot to offer to our business partners. Investment projects and trade contacts connect South Ural with more than a hundred countries of the world.

By estimates of rating agencies Chelyabinsk region is among those with optimum investment climate. It is promoted by a purposeful work of authorities, business reputation of our businessmen, intellectual and institutional capacity. Creating favorable conditions for the implementation of investment activity is one of the most important aims of our economic strategy.

We are always ready to present you with opportunities, provide all the necessary information and to render assistance to the realization of your ideas.

We invite Russian and foreign investors to a mutually beneficial cooperation. Any offer is interesting to us, whether it concerns the industry or agriculture, communications or construction.

I hope that the presented materials will be useful to you and will serve as the beginning of new joint projects.

Governor of Chelyabinsk region
Boris Dubrovsky
  • 行政中心


  • 联邦区


  • 离莫斯科的距离

    1496 公里

    莫斯科市—车里雅宾斯克 — 2点 25 分钟

  • 时区


  • 人口

    3498.00 百万


  • 区域面积

    88,5 数千平方公里



  • 地区生产总值

    879 274 10亿
    ₽ 252 109,80 10亿
  • 外国直接投资额

    $ 1 420,60 百万
    $ 406,10 人均千
  • 固定资本投资

    229,12 人均千卢布
    ₽ 65 581 人均千
  • 失业率

    6,20 %
  • 赢利企业比重

    67,90 %
  • Average cost of living

    7 944
  • 月平均工资

    27 683
GRP per capita
Fixed investment per capita





    1163 成千上万的人



    413 成千上万的人



    174 成千上万的人



    166 成千上万的人



  • 哈萨克斯坦
年光照日 年平均降雨量
86 443 毫米
一月 七月白天气温
-10,8°С 24,5°С
播种期、生长和收获期 覆雪期
7 月 5 月


  • 矿资源

    4955,4 million t
    301,8 tonnes
    4447,8 thousand t
  • 可燃矿产

    521,2 million t
  • 其他资源

    农业气候资源 80% of the Chelyabinsk region is suitable for agricultural work.
    Predominant part of farmlands is black soil. Production of grain, dairy and beef cattle and sheep breeding are located in steppe and forest-steppe zones.

    再生资源 High tourist potential of the region is unique natural landscape complex - scenic mountains and lakes, forests, caves, natural healing springs.
    The regions consists of:
    - 5 specially protected natural territories of federal significance;
    - 3 natural reserves – Ilmensky State Nature Reserve named after V.I. Lenin (Uralsky department of the Russian Academy of Sciences with branch office «Arkaim»), East Ural State Nature Reserve and part of South-Ural State Nature Reserve.
    - 2 National parks – “Taganay” and “Zuraktul”
    - 153 specially protected natural territories of local significance;
    - 20 wildlife sanctuaries;
    - 132 natural monument including 15 caves;
    - health resort and etc.


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