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Baker Hughes



Baker Hughes

4000 km of cable

原产地 投资的体积


$57 mln

创造就业岗位数 发射日期



The world's third biggest oil service company Baker Hughes showed its interest for the Tyumen region in 2006. The former foundry of "Tyumen motor-builders" became the production site. It took 23 months to reconstruct the building. The volume of investment amounted to $57 million.

The management of the company highlighted the potential of the local labour market and the support received from Tyumen region authorities.

Alasdair Shiach, the President Baker Hughes, Russia Caspian: "There were many reasons, why we chose the Tyumen region. First of all, we did a detailed market study on our potential customers and geographical, where it would make sense to be located. We also had to take a look at ease of sourcing raw materials, where it is going to be. We had to look at resourcing in terms of people for the new facility, and that was certainly one of the big advantages of Tyumen – the level of the quality of the individuals that we were able to find to work here in the facility and train here in the future. The local authorities here in Tyumen were really helpful", he specified. "They want investment and they want to make it as easy for companies to move into the region, as possible. So there were a lot of people who focused on helping us with the paperwork and they’ve been extremely supportive."

The custormers are oil companies operating in the West-Siberian Region, the Far East, Southern Russia and the Volga region. The training centre "Baker Hughes" works with specialists from Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

"Russia is the largest supplier of oil to Europe and gradually increase its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, therefore the opening of the new Baker Hughes facility in Tyumen is explained by market trends. The task of the plant is to meet the demand for service equipment of oil companies operating in the region. However, in the future, we plan to expand the supplies outside Russia, "- added Mr. Shiach.


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