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Guardian Glass Rostov



Guardian Glass Rostov

328 thousand tonnes of glass

原产地 投资的体积


$230 mln

创造就业岗位数 发射日期



Construction of the "Guardian Glass Rostov" plant - the newest and most powerful enterprise of "Guardian industries" - began in 2011. The American company became the first investor who placed manufacturing facilities in Krasny Sulin Industrial Park.

«Guardian served as icebreaker, who first came to this site. Being first is always difficult. We highly appreciate the support received from the regional authorities. Governor's team has actively contributed to the development of transport and engineering infrastructure, "- said in his speech at the opening ceremony the Guardian vice-president for Europe Lajos Sapi.

The first batch came off the production line in late 2012. With the launch of the second production line in September 2013, the company has reached it's full capacity - 900 tons of glass per day.

The project has become an indicator of the quality of the investment policy of the region. Following Guardian, four major industrial companies placed their production facilities on the investment site in Krasny Sulin.


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