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The role of conferences within Arctic governance

24 September 2020
Роль деловых мероприятий в управлении Арктикой
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This article published in Polar Geography magazine, addresses conferences as the central meeting and cooperation point for the international and interdisciplinary community interested in the Arctic development, and demonstrates how various conferences facilitate work of the Arctic Council and promote additions to the agenda.

The Roscongress Foundation presents the salient points of the publication accompanied by fragments of broadcasts of relevant panel discussions from the business programme of international events held by the Roscongress Foundation.

Cooperation in the Arctic has turned out to be more sustainable to impact of conflicts in the different territories. The states interested in the region and resources development, successfully manage to use common efforts in execution of vital tasks, therefore, creating a friendly and stable structure for the region governance.

The Arctic region is the main national priority for the Arctic sates and was recurrently falling under geopolitical pressure. However, despite acute situations and conflicts in the other regions, all Arctic states support the idea of open and productive dialogue on Arctic development.

Growing interest of Non-Arctic states to participate in resolution of issues on the agenda, raises concerns among some experts, therefore, the need in holding conferences is also put into question. Specifically, there are concerns that information provided by Non-Arctic entities is misinterpreted by some players, and it may lead to false impressions of the region.

конференции являются очевидным и необходимым элементом управления Арктикой.png

Nevertheless, conferences are an obvious and essential element in the Arctic governance, that attracts a large number of speakers annually.


Conferences are essential for the Arctic Council work in terms of Arctic governance. Specifically, expansion of the agenda, providing the broader pool of stakeholders with the platform to discuss issues not included into agenda of the Arctic Council, shall give the new players an opportunity to join the Arctic community.

The article includes the results of analyses conducted by various analysts regarding topics of Arctic conferences and forums held in the recent years.

Non-Arctic states, for which the event industry is the most effective way to promote their interests in the region, declare the highest interest in holding conferences. Moreover, interests of Non-Arctic states are gradually going beyond simple observation, as many such states have already started to develop their own Arctic strategies.

Therefore, availability of informal communication channels on the issues of science, politics, business and civil society plays an increasingly important role in maintaining peace and stability in the Arctic region. Conferences facilitate cooperation and the best practices exchange, that increases transparency in the motives of the other international players.


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