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Alexander Novak presents Global Energy Prize to laureates

4 October 2018
Александр Новак наградил лауреатов премии «Глобальная энергия»

Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak took part in the official ceremony to present awards to the laureates of the Global Energy Prize as part of Russian Energy Week.

Novak awarded medals and certificates to prominent academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences Sergey Alekseyenko and University of New South Wales Professor Martin Green.

«The laureates of the prize have made a huge contribution to solving mankind’s energy problems by making energy conversation eco-friendly and safe. This means they have helped our civilization to become more sustainable», Novak said.

Novak thanked the laureates for their contribution to world science and energy and said that Russia will always be grateful to scientists for their work and open to all types of cooperation.

The minister noted that the award ceremony was traditionally timed to coincide with Russian Energy Week. He said these major industry events are united by one key thing — the Russian energy industry’s responsibility to provide consumers with affordable energy in a reliable and eco-friendly manner as well as its recognition and respect for advanced ideas and discoveries in the energy sector.