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Macroprudential Policy Effectiveness Discussed at Bank of Russia Conference

3 July 2019
Эффективность макропруденциальной политики обсудили на конференции Банка России

Bank of Russia’s international research conference ‘Macroprudential Policy Effectiveness: Theory and Practice’ was held on 3 July as part of the International Financial Congress in St. Petersburg. 

“This conference has brought together researchers from academia, central banks, and policy institutions to present and discuss their new research on ensuring financial stability with a focus on macroprudential policy effectiveness and the potential side effects of such policies,” said First Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia Ksenia Yudaeva in her opening address.

Key issues discussed at the meetings included the identification and measurement of risks to financial stability, optimal monetary and macroprudential policy, and effects of macroprudential policy. Participants discussed how financial vulnerabilities and bank resilience affect medium-term macroeconomic tail risk, how emerging economies handle commodity cycles and financial instability, bank safety and the use of regulatory capital, the search for robust macroprudential policy, and other issues.

The event was attended by representatives of the Bank of Russia, the Bank of England, the Bank of Spain, Danmarks Nationalbank, the Central Bank of Armenia, the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, as well as representatives of the scientific community from leading institutions such as the London Business School, Columbia University, NRU Higher School of Economics, and the University of Oxford.

The International Financial Congress is organised by the Bank of Russia with the support of the Roscongress Foundation.