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GMIS 2019 Participants Discuss Use of AI in Manufacturing Sector

11 July 2019
На GMIS-2019 обсудили применение искусственного интеллекта  в производственном секторе

Participants in the panel discussion ‘The Artificially Intelligent Manufacturing Sector: The Future of Work, Industry 5.0, Learning and Human-Centric Automation’ discussed interdependence on a global scale and prospects for the use of smart machines and new ways to disseminate information.

The discussion participants noted that the development of artificial intelligence is creating enormous market opportunities, but at the same time there is some uncertainty associated with its expansion.

«New technologies can simplify many manufacturing issues and eliminate inefficient processes. The main problem is to find the right combination of artificial intelligence and human capabilities», HIT Robot Group Vice President Chen Qiuliang said. He also said such sectors as vehicle manufacturing and the production of electronic devices and medicines currently have the greatest demand for artificial intelligence.

Bajaj Industries Director Pankaj Bajaj noted that new technologies should not only be economically sound, but also take into account social issues.

«Developing Industry 4.0 technologies will raise the question of what to do with the millions of workers around the world. We need to identify the skills that will be needed in a few years and provide retraining for people. Admittedly, many countries are not ready for the industrial revolution today», Bajaj said.

Deputy State Secretary at the Hungarian Ministry of Innovation and Technology Adam Nagy noted the role of small and medium-sized enterprises in the dissemination of artificial intelligence.

«The blanket distribution of artificial intelligence requires small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt skills and technologies from large companies. Small and medium-sized business is the foundation of manufacturing», Nagy said.