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Regional exporting standard 2.0 to be introduced in 40 Russian territories next year

9 December 2020
Региональный экспортный стандарт 2.0 в следующем году появится в 40 регионах

Mikhail Mishustin, Prime Minster of the Russian Federation, announced the decision at the Made in Russia Forum on 9 December. Additionally, he noted that the regional exporting standard 2.0 will be introduced countrywide by 2024.

“This is a cornerstone element of the export infrastructure. It includes development of a regional strategy, plus such measures as preparing a management team, attracting business activity, developing electronic trade, training professionals at local educational facilities, and more,” said Mr. Mishustin. 

Veronika Nikishina, CEO of the Russian Export Center added that the regional export standard contains 15 different tools. Those include development of a regional export strategy, teambuilding and continuous education, infrastructural development, and other tools. 

“Once the standard is implemented, it will facilitate the creation of an efficient ecosystem of export support in a particular region. In order for this process to unravel successfully in each constituent territory of the Russian Federation, we launched a training project for regional teams. We have already held 7 seminars,” noted Ms. Nikishina. 

Head of the Russian government listed implementation of the export support system as a priority task, particularly in regards to small and medium-sized businesses. “There are 82 regional export support centres operating today. Their primary task is to provide guidance for small and medium-sized companies that are ready to enter global markets but still need considerable support. These centres can teach the basics of export, help pick the right market or find a partner abroad, as well as accompany a contract that has already been signed,” said Mr. Mishustin.  

Veronika Nikishina added that next year a new product line up that supports export will be launched. “Its main idea will be forming 9 compound services out of numerous disjointed ones. For instance, a business mission trip will be accompanied by scouting for potential customers and preparing presentation materials. We will optimize the services already available at the Russian Export Center. This will expedite the conversion,” stated Ms. Nikishina.