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Export Support Standard 2.0 to Be Mandatory for all Regions

9 December 2020
Требования стандарта 2.0 по поддержке экспортеров должны выполняться в каждом регионе

It was stated by Minister of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov at the plenary session entitled ‘The Economic Outlook for the Coming Decade: Challenges and Opportunities for Russian Exporters’. This event was part of the Made in Russia Forum that took place on 9 December. 

Minister Reshetnikov noted that the list of services that must be available now in all 82 regional export support centres was approved in November.  

“It applies to support for export contracts, participation in international exhibitions, and consulting services for promotion on global markets,” noted Minister Reshetnikov. “Now we need to ensure this standard is applied in each and every region. This why REC’s project to train regional teams is so important. We need to make sure our specialists in every region have the same understanding of the standard and know exactly what needs to be done accordingly. This where we need to cooperate with REC.” 

In order to implement measures under Regional Export Standard 2.0, Russian Ministry of Economic Development and REC are working towards a training programme that will provide support for regional export-oriented SMEs through teaching them how export and preparing them for bringing their export projects to life.  

“Supporting SME exporters is a complicated and complex issue. SMEs face problems on every stage of the export cycle, which they are unable to resolve independently because they don’t have enough resoures (human, expert, and financial resources). Working with SMEs takes presence of support organizations, and that is why regions must play the key role here. REC acts as the agent of the Russian Government in ensuring and developing export support centres in Russian regions,” said CEO of Russian Export Center Veronika Nikishina.