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SPIEF Junior. New Meanings and Values in Education

3 June 2021
ПМЭФ Юниор. Новые смыслы и ценности в образовании


To be most effective education must be personalized

“How do I see future education? The key word here is personalization. <…> When every child has a highly professional teacher, who has an expert from the area of knowledge that they work in, where they have gained a lot of experience and know how to share it. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do in a country as large as the Russian Federation – we are too big for this,” Marina Rakova, Head of Digital Educational Platforms Tribe, Vice President, Sberbank.

“We work with each single person, with each talent, because our task is <…> to create unprecedented conditions for durable motivation to grow. <…> We seek for motivations that are appropriate and comfortable for every level and age,” Elena Shmeleva, Head, Talent and Success Foundation; Member of the Presidential Council for Science and Education.

“By the end of the year, we are launching programmes with flexible educational trajectories. Each educational track depends on your interests and your current skills. <…> Our task is to make sure that everybody who goes through the programme immediately becomes sought-after and of interest; it is crucial,” Dmitry Krutov, General Director, Skillbox.

It is necessary to strike a balance between the personal fulfillment and the market demand for specific experts

“Each person needs to gain <…> experience that is relevant in relation to the market demands. <…> If we talk about new leaders for Russia, it is important that these leaders are grown locally, stay in their region and develop it,” Dmitry Krutov, General Director, Skillbox.

“We are now cooperating with the Ministry of Education of Krasnoyarsk Territory and the Siberian Federal University <…>, as well as the Moscow State University. We are also creating a unique corporate training workshop with practical training ground. <…> We are talking about training practically oriented specialists for our business which is very important. Also we are training a team of managers <…> together with our major universities,” Tamara Solovykh, Deputy Director; Director, Staff Assessment and Training Directorate, HR Department, Rosneft Oil Company.


Digital technologies can set a new course for education, but will not replace teachers and mentors

“High-quality education is impossible without teachers, mentors and tutors. That is why 100% online education will never work,” Marina Rakova, Head of Digital Educational Platforms Tribe, Vice President, Sberbank.

“No matter how much we personalize, no matter how well we do it, teachers are still the key. If teachers at your school ‘take the trouble’, if they are interested in what they are doing, they do it with love, if they teach their subject in a cool way – you will do your homework, you will read something extra. If the teacher is not like that, it is not going to happen,” Georgy Solovyov, General Director, Co-Founder, Skyeng.



Online services can work together with live examples

“Personalization includes a few important components: <…> student’s scoring, <…> we are giving you over 2,000 examples of people who are honing their skills in real field projects at this very moment. And then you can see these people and say: ‘I want to be like them’. These are the people who are practically oriented to a maximum extent,” Dmitry Krutov, General Director, Skillbox.

“Most importantly, technology is driven by the data that help improve and personalize the process for every child,” Marina Rakova, Head of Digital Educational Platforms Tribe, Vice President, Sberbank.

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