2021 year
2021 year

The Vologda region is located in the north of the European part of Russia, 500 km from Moscow.

The economy of the region has an industrial character.

The Vologda Region has a full package of transport communications on its territory: a wide network of railways and highways, the Europe-Asia air corridor, the Volga-Baltic Waterway.

The districts have developed agriculture and logging. (Agriculture and logging are well developed in the regions.) The leading production is dairy farming, which accounts for 70% of all agricultural products. The production and industrial potential of the agro-industrial complex allows us to meet the population’s demand for meat, milk, eggs, and potatoes.

The dominant economic activities of the region are:

— ferrous metallurgy;
— chemical industry;
— mechanical engineering;
— metalworking;
— food processing industry;
— forest industry;
— woodworking and pulp and paper industry.

The priority areas of the Vologda Oblast Development Strategy are:

— creating a space for life (conducting an active demographic policy, developing the potential of the family, developing physical culture and sports, providing high-quality social services);
— formation of a space for development (preservation of historical and cultural heritage, development of affordable and high-quality education, development of a modern system of professional training, development of scientific and technical potential);
— development of industry and agriculture along the path of import saving;
— creating an efficiency space (maintaining and improving the quality of regional infrastructure and logistics, using priority potential and mineral resources, ensuring environmental well-being).

The main factors of the region’s investment attractiveness include:

favorable geographical location;
availability of a well-developed transport network;
a wide range of federal and regional support measures;
regional tax benefits package;
significant natural resources.

Head of the Region
Georgy Yuryevich Filimonov
Governor of Vologda Oblast
Official website of the Region