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24 January 2023
2023 Global outlook. A new investment playbook

Blackrock specialists in their annual review of key trends in the financial markets are looking for answers to the questions that 2022 has asked.

Monetary policy
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7 October 2022
Trade and development report 2022

The flagship report of UNCTAD analyzes the main trends and risks of the global economy in 2022.

13 June 2022
Russian economy in 2021. Trends and outlooks

This publication by The Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy provides a detailed analysis of the most significant trends in the Russian economy, global trends in the social and economic development.

13 June 2022
Monetary Policy Report

The report by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation contains a detailed analysis of principal trends in the Russian economy and the process of setting the country’s economic agenda.

18 May 2022
What Worries the World. April 2022

The study presents the results of a survey of the people in 27 countries, conducted by Ipsos, on current topics and the level of approval of the development prospects of countries.

14 February 2022
Russia Economic Report. December 2021

The World Bank report describes the current macroeconomic trends in Russia and their relationship with the COVID-19 pandemic and the global climate agenda.

28 May 2021
Forecast of the banking sector for 2021: on the needle of concessional loans

The study of the credit rating agency «Expert RA» examines the results of 2020 for the Russian banking sector and gives a forecast for 2021, including in relation to lending to the population and companies and the profit of the industry as a whole.

24 May 2021
Specifics of sources for Russian macroeconomic forecasts

The study by ACRA is focused on main sources for Russian macroeconomic forecasts, such as official public sources, international organizations and development institutions, credit rating agencies, and consensus surveys. Based on data from these sources, ACRA conducted an analysis of systemic biases and predictability of indicators.

6 November 2020
Retail Clients` Preferences in Russian Banking Sector

Deloitte specialists conducted a study aimed at studying which retail banks in Russia are most frequently used by clients and what their consumer preferences are.

20 October 2020
DIGITAL RUBLE. Public Consultation Report

The Bank of Russia’s Digital Ruble advisory report presents possible options and ways of implementing the Digital Ruble fiat currency, as well as the necessary functional requirements.

20 October 2020
Digital Ruble: Opportunities and Options

Alexey Zabotkin, Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia, describes the changes in the digital payment market and consumer behavior, as well as tells about the advisability of creating an additional form of money that meets the requirements of the digital era: the digital currency of the Central Bank.

4 September 2020
Gold Mining Companies: Riding the Price Wave

The National Rating Agency presents a study of the gold mining industry in Russia in 2020. The article examines aspects such as investment demand, financial results of Russian gold mining companies, as well as the state of the global gold supply amid restrictions due to measures to counter the spread of COVID-19.