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Investments in infrastructure. Far East. 2021

2 September 2021
Инвестиции в инфраструктуру. Дальний Восток. 2021
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What is the state of the infrastructure of the Far Eastern Federal District? How much investment is needed to maintain it? What projects and instruments will help the District attract private capital?

The problems and prospects of the Far Eastern infrastructure are investigated in the new analytical report «Investments in infrastructure. Far East» prepared by InfraOne Research.

According to the report the «Coronavirus Crisis» year 2020 was not so hard for the Far East as for other districts. The drop in passenger traffic was compensated by the increase of freight transportation by roads, rail, air and sea. Budget investments in infrastructure grew although insignificantly. The Far Eastern concessions and PPPs market showed record growth. There are almost 70 initiatives totalling 260 billion rubles that have been launched in the segment of 100 million rubles and above.

The FEFD, however, were not able to escape its actual problems. The depreciation of the fixed assets, the industry’s need for additional investment, the shortage of shovel-ready projects and the lack of regional public bodies’ experience in using of advanced investment instruments.

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