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Roscongress Foundation’s Social Platform Presents Programme of Innosocium Lab at SPIEF 2022

1 June 2022
Социальная платформа Фонда Росконгресс представила программу Лаборатории Инносоциум на ПМЭФ-2022

The Innosocium Lab, a multi-format platform that hosts socially oriented events and discussions in partnership with key social development institutions, will hold a series of sessions on 15–18 June during the SPIEF on the role that social projects play in shaping Russian society in the near future.

«At such a major forum as the SPIEF, the Lab enables us to promote the latest technological solutions in the social sector with maximum efficiency. The Innosocium Foundation traditionally pays special attention to the development of a dialogue between the state and NPOs and the creation of conditions for interaction with business in areas where socially oriented projects need to be fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of certain groups of the population. I am certain that non-profit organizations are best able to demonstrate their benefits and effectiveness in finding the best ways to develop social policy,» said Elena Marinina, Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation and Director of the Innosocium Foundation.

«The partnership with the Innosocium Foundation provides unique opportunities for NPOs that have won presidential grants to showcase themselves at international economic forums, share their experience in solving social problems, and establish partnerships with big business and government officials. We highly value our cooperation,» Presidential Grants Fund General Director Ilya Chukalin said.

The Innosocium Lab’s programme will primarily focus on sustainable development and responsibility for creating a favourable ecological and social environment. The session ‘WITHOUTEXCEPTION: The Role of Social Projects in Developing a Society of Equal Opportunities’ is devoted to these issues.

The session ‘Caring for Your Surroundings as a Promising Segment for Social Investment’ will address the most important factors of the government’s social policy, which today include the population’s accelerated aging and a reduction in the number of working age people. The session participants will discuss ways to effectively utilize the social and economic potential of the older generation.

During the session ‘NPO LAB. Opportunities for the Development of Public Projects’, leaders of projects that have won presidential grant competitions and are among the top 100 best projects based on the results of their implementation as well as Forum guests will share their vision of intersectoral collaboration and cooperation between representatives of the state, business, and NPOs.

As part of the presentation of the major federal project ‘Women: Mentoring School’, women leaders will share their experience in implementing social projects in education, science, business, and sports with students.

The case session ‘Sustainable Everyday Life: How Can Russians Make Responsible Practices a Daily Norm?’ will address issues on the sustainable development agenda in terms of the serious changes that have been made to priorities, values, and consumption patterns due to economic instability and a reduction in resources. The panellists will discuss how Russians are now choosing organizations and brands that are worthy of their trust and support.

In addition to strategic issues, a substantial part of the Innosocium Lab’s programme will focus on practical aspects of social activities. Successful practices and technologies from creative projects should become a catalyst for people’s social and emotional motivation. These issues will be discussed during the sessions ‘Industrial Design: Economic Security and Sovereignty’, ‘Inclusion and Creativity: Challenges of Our Times’, and ‘Diversifying Trade Flows in the Fashion Industry: Focus on Import Substitution’.

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