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GMIS 2019 Participants Discuss Prospects for Developing Aerospace Industry

10 July 2019
На GMIS-2019 обсудили перспективы развития  аэрокосмической промышленности

The future of outer space and the aerospace industry was a topic of discussion at the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS 2019). Participants in a specialized industry-focused session noted that the global aerospace industry is currently undergoing fundamental changes due to the shifting focus towards the use of innovations and digital transformations.

The discussion focused on new trends in the industry, including those related to power plants, autonomous systems, the production of components, and new business models.

Sanad Aerotech (UAE) CEO Mansoor Janahi said the United Arab Emirates wants to explore space and invest in innovative technologies, including those related to improving the efficiency of space engines.

«The UAE has started down the path of diversifying its economy. You can’t depend on a single source of revenue. You need to develop other competitive advantages. That is why we have taken the path of developing industries that are fundamentally new to us, including aerospace», Janahi said.

The participants also discussed prospects for space exploration by private companies.

«Private companies are entering this market today. In this regard, we need strict regulation of such issues as work procedures, rules of conduct, and etiquette in space. Without this, we may face the same environmental problems in space as we have on our planet», cosmonaut Sergey Avdeyev said.

The session participants paid special attention to the training of personnel for the aerospace industry given the technological changes that are taking place as part of Industry 4.0.