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The government of the Samara region assessed the results of economic development and investment activity in the first half of the year

2 September 2022

An analysis of the main macroeconomic indicators showed that the region's economy has overcome the negative impact of sanctions and entered a period of structural changes in production and logistics while maintaining stability in the employment and social sphere.
Even in the most difficult period of the negative impact of sanctions, various industrial sectors of the region showed multidirectional dynamics. Steady growth was demonstrated by the aerospace sector, the production of medicines and materials, electronic and optical products, food products, and metallurgy. Stable performance indicators for enterprises engaged in the production of finished metal products, building materials, electric power, mining, production of machinery and equipment and petroleum products. In general, in the industry, the growth in the volume of shipments in value terms for the first half of the year amounted to 9% compared to the same period last year.
Support measures helped to overcome the crisis, the formation of which the Government of the Russian Federation, on behalf of the President of the country Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, began immediately after the announcement of the sanctions regime. Now the federal package of measures includes more than 300 types of assistance: this is the launch of preferential lending programs, reducing the administrative and tax burden, regulatory restrictions, developing logistics, supporting imports, and much more. The measures taken allowed enterprises to maintain stability and develop, despite the consequences of the sanctions strike.
The demand for the support measures taken was very high. Only for soft loans and restructuring of payments on existing loans from the federal budget, enterprises of the Samara region were provided with 37 billion rubles.
The government of the Samara region monitored the situation in the economy, agriculture, industry, and the consumer market almost on a daily basis. Governor Dmitry Azarov, the government of the region made significant efforts to include the enterprises of the region in the federal list of backbone companies in order to provide them with access to federal support measures. Federal measures were supplemented by regional ones, based on the specific requests of enterprises, businesses and the public in the region.
Based on the results of the appeals of the regional authorities, the Government of the Russian Federation made a decision, according to which the terms of existence of territories of advanced socio-economic development in single-industry towns (TOR) are automatically extended. This will allow companies that have received the status of a resident in the second or third year of the operation of the ASEZ to apply reduced rates of insurance premiums to state non-budgetary funds for a full 10 years. Thus, the term of operation of the Togliatti ASEZ is extended until September 2028, the Chapaevsk ASEZ - until February 2031.
A high position in the rating characterizes the Samara region as a steadily developing subject of the country and has a positive effect on the investment attractiveness of the region. A multi-channel system of state financial and non-financial support for investment activities has been formed in the region at each stage of the implementation of investment projects.